Why Buy Your Next Vehicle Used?

April 14th, 2022 by

Why Buy Your Next Vehicle Used?

Are you in the market for your next vehicle? Then you’re likely standing at the crossroads of buying brand new, just off the showroom floor, or buying a used car. The decision is less complicated once the lesser-known benefits of choosing used are clear. Both options have their merits, but today we want to highlight some of the key reasons to buy used. Keep these points in mind when searching for used cars near Birmingham, AL.

Top Reasons to Buy Your Next Car Used

A few primary benefits to purchasing a used car include:

  1. More value per dollar. It’s common for new cars to lose 30-40% of their value within the first year. But with used vehicles, you don’t have to worry about such severe depreciation. Plus, understanding depreciation can get you a current or previous year used car for a fraction of the original price.
  2. Get a more top-of-the-line vehicle. When you purchase a used car from our dealership in Birmingham, you can get top-trim, feature-loaded vehicles for a fraction of the original sticker price. Used cars are a great chance to get behind the wheel of a previous year dream car at an affordable price.
  3. You get more variety. Another reason to shop used cars from a dealership is the vast assortment of makes and models typically available. Indeed, used dealerships aren’t confined to what’s current or what’s new or even what their core brand is. When buying used cars you won’t have to settle on what’s close to your needs, you can browse from wide ranges of vehicles until you find the perfect fit.
  4. Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles and programs. Concerned that your used car may not be in top-top shape? Want the assurance of a used car that’s certified excellent? Ask about CPOs which come with manufacturer-backed warranties and receive thorough inspections by factory-trained technicians before being certified. They come with all this added confidence while still offering tremendous cost saving.

Come by Our Used Car Dealership in Birmingham, AL

There are countless reasons to consider making your next vehicle purchase something that’s been gently used; the list presented above just scratches the surface. If you have any additional questions, or are ready to see used cars near Birmingham, AL, we invite you to contact Serra Hyundai at your next opportunity.

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