How Can I Make Sure That My Hyundai Vehicle’s Battery Doesn’t Die While I am Staying Home?

April 15th, 2020 by

How to Prevent Your Hyundai Vehicle’s Battery from Dying While Self Isolating
With us self-isolating in these trying times, we are using our Hyundai less frequently. While this does save on gas, this can have an effect on the upkeep of your vehicle – mainly the battery. If you let your vehicle sit for too long without running, you put it at risk of draining your battery prematurely. So how often should we start up our Hyundai to help keep the battery in shape?

Rule of Thumb: Once to Twice a Week
We recommend starting up your Hyundai and letting it run at least once or twice a week to keep the battery healthy. This is perfect for when you need to leave home to go to the grocery store to get the essentials. If you really don’t have anywhere you need to go or just want to avoid being out in public, simply start up your Hyundai and let it run for about half an hour (if your Hyundai is parked in an enclosed garage, make sure the garage doors are open or move your vehicle to the driveway).

To help keep get your Hyundai out and about for the once or twice a week recommendation, we suggest taking it out for a nice country drive. The open roads can be therapeutic while you practice social distancing – and you will get a chance to enjoy the fresh air if you roll down the windows!

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Hyundai Battery Changes in Trussville, AL
If your Hyundai vehicle’s battery died after sitting for too long, we are here to help! Our service center is currently open to help with your Hyundai vehicle’s needs and will be more than happy to help replace the battery! To learn more, please contact us!